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The BetterCallBrisco Team.......... Brisco, has spent his entire adult life working on electronics and mechanics of some sort, usually associated with military equipment. In 2015 he decided to try something a little different. He has been with United Real Estate Solutions since September of 2017 and KW for nearly two years before that. He loves the people and the culture at URES and looks forward to showing his wife “the ropes.”.............. Lori has been in healthcare, either nursing or physical therapy, since the early 90’s and some sort of service position since her career began. She decided that she would follow in her husband’s footsteps and change careers while she was still young enough. Her dedication to clients and customers will fit perfectly with United’s culture so she decided to form a team and let Brisco be a part of it. She looks forward to getting to know all of you while learning the finer points of being a Realtor. The BetterCallBrisco Team is here to help.

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